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Restorationwatch and clock restoration

Complete restoration of your clock even when required to totally dismantle movements. We do 3 different chemical or ultrasonic cleaning and polishing and all pivots.
We can reinstall as many bushings {other words bearings} as necessary. Our shop is very capable to do all watches and clocks. lathes work {such as making new gear pivots install on existing gear new gears make new arbor and any other difficult challenging work} we are also able to install new main springs In some clocks it is required to install new main spring even if spring is not broken for simple reason as spring losses tension over the years.
When putting the watch or clock back together we use a fresh special clock oil. The clock movement will go in special stand for a weekly test; time strike chime adjustments. After all the work is complete the movement will be putting back into cabinet of your clock, other weekly testing will be require to be done as well.
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Overhaul Procedure

Cleaning a movementThe movement will be disassembled completely by a Professional Clock Technician. The technician will remove/strip the aged oil; the movement is the put into three different ultrasonic baths. .

Replace worn bearing holesThe professional technician will then install new bushings to restore hole size and position.

Mainspring service (where applicable)The professional technician will remove the mainspring from the barrel or arbor and thoroughly cleaned of all old lubricant, dirt and debris. After thoroughly cleaned, fresh clock mainspring grease will be applied.

Oiling The professional technician will apply just enough clock oil to the correct pivots so those pivots are surrounded by oil inside the bearing holes.

Pivot CareThe professional technician will make sure all gear pivots are cylindrical to specifications, shiny, and smooth. The technician polishes the gears, as well as re-files the teeth to proper specification. .

Quality Control The professional technician will then monitor your clock and make sure the clock runs for its intended winding period (e.g. 8 days or 30 hours) and all strike and chime functions work properly. (This process can take 1-2 weeks)

The Technician then realigns strike, chime and time as necessary.